Frequently asked questions

What volume of blood can be collected?

We can collect 1 mL of capillary blood.

How does Loop collects blood?

In the standard venipuncture procedure, a long needle is used to collect blood from the vein. Loop accesses blood in capillaries that are just below the skin, through a minimally invasive and painless manner.

Is there a risk of hemolysis?

Loop demonstrated that the blood collected with its new technique was of a similar quality as standard blood samples performed by venipuncture, with low hemolysis levels, and low contamination by interstitial fluids.

What type of blood tests can be performed with the Loop technology?

Loop’s unique blood collection technology aims to be fully compatible with automated blood analyzers used by central laboratories (e.g. Roche Cobas, Siemens Attelica, Abbott Architect, Beckman Coulter). The blood collected with Loop will therefore permit to perform hematology panels (complete blood count) and a large number of immunoassays. Covering most of the tests performed using Purple (EDTA) and Yellow (Serum Gel) standard phlebotomy tubes.

When will Loop blood collection technology be available?

Loop’s technology is under development and not available for commercial sale yet and does not have regulatory approval. Please contact us for partnerships or support.