Loop Medical is developing a unique needle-free blood collection technology compatible with existing laboratory infrastructure.

Blood collection. Simplified

Loop Medical is on a mission to develop an easy and painless blood collection technology making it accessible to all. We ensure blood collection fits into patients’ lifestyles while simplifying the process for healthcare professionals.

This is a paradigm shift in the diagnostics industry. Interested?


Today Painful and Uncomfortable

With Loop Painless and Easy


Blood Collection. Accessible

Pain Free and gentle even for those with difficult veins to access

Convenient and easy to use to fit into patients lifestyle

Safe and accessible to all with minimum training required


Innovation without reinventing
your laboratory

Loop collects blood samples in a proprietary cartridge that is fully compatible with standard laboratory processes.

As simple as integrating our product in your workflow to leverage your existing laboratory infrastructure.


What makes us different?


High-volume collection

Our unique technology enables the collection of 1 mL capillary blood without compromising sample quality.

Clinical Standard-06.png

Clinical grade standard

Blood collected in our cartridge can be analyzed in central laboratories as it is done with standard phlebotomy tubes, giving access to high-standard hematology panels and immunoassays.


Fitting into the workflow

Our technology is compatible with existing automated blood analyzers for high-throughput testing.


Our partners

These organizations already help us to achieve our vision: Making blood diagnostics accessible to all.

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